“Our added value lies in providing hybrid services for the client”


Lupicinio International: “Our added value lies in providing hybrid services for the client”


Madrid, 10th of January, 2019.– Executive President, Lupicinio Rodríguez and Partner and Director of the Madrid office, José María Viñals, of Lupicinio International Law Firm, reiterated yesterday the challenges facing the legal sector during an informative session with American students of The Lex Fellowship program.

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Both managers highlighted the importance of local and specialised knowledge in a globalised market. The President explained that the firm employs other law firms in 30 different jurisdictions as a strategy to maintain a deep understanding of each country.

Likewise, José María Viñals stressed the paradox of the demand for specialised lawyers and, at the same time, the ability to be able to combine a hybrid way of working with other perspectives: “It is crucial to know how to integrate into hybrid teams in order to give broad added value and provide multidisciplinary services for the client “.

Finally, Viñals emphasised the three challenges of the legal profession, including the adaptation to new technologies, the attraction and retention of talent and the ever-widening demand for legal services.

In addition, during the session, several lawyers such as Javier Aguilera, of the Department of Commercial Law, and Carolina Gamba, of the Department of International Operations, discussed with the group of students the scope of international sanctions, as well as the process of negotiation in the process of purchasing of a company.


The Lex Fellowship Program
Javier Aguilera explaining the process of negotiation to the students of The Lex Fellowship Program