Private law, family law and inheritance

Team of Lawyers specialized in Family Law

Areas of Expertise

  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Divorces and separations
  • Guardianship and custody of minors
  • Inheritance
  • Incapacitation
  • Liquidation of the matrimonial property regime
  • Modification of measures
  • Matrimonial annulment
  • Acknowledgment and challenge of filiation, paternity and maternity
  • Dispute resolution between individuals
Area Manager
Area Manager
Verónica Van Kesteren

Verónica Van Kesteren

Senior Counsel

International Team

Our local coordinators work as a team on the issues that pertain to this area of ​​practice with the allied, associated or correspondent firm in their jurisdiction. This firm has specialists in this area of ​​practice who work in English, as well as in their local languages.

Personal, family and inheritance law is not part of our Firm’s usual practice, but it concerns our clients, who also act as people with emotional and family relationships that determine their lives.

Key aspects of this branch of law such as surrogate motherhood, marriages, divorces, break-ups, minors, inheritance, personal identity and filiation, personal capacity, among others, are increasingly marked by the presence of the international element, a factor that is undoubtedly boosted by globalisation and the mobility of people.

However, regardless of nationality, globality must coexist with specificity, with the local element, the place of habitual residence or where the relationships regulated by family law are developed in each jurisdiction; as each person, each couple, each family is and has different circumstances that require the design of a tailor-made legal strategy and a different emotional approach.

The mission of the professionals who make up the Family Law Department of Lupicinio is to apply their legal knowledge and experience to achieve a tailor-made suit adapted to the circumstances of each person or family and which is legally viable.

Why choose us as your family law attorneys?

Our understanding of the law translates into a personal approach, creating the necessary closeness to discuss complex issues, always taking into account the needs of the children and the good of the family. We approach each case giving priority to negotiation as the main tool for reaching agreements, with the aim of trying to maintain family ties and this, as a guarantee and in defence of the rights and welfare of the children, which is always our priority.

Whether they are judicial or extrajudicial proceedings or negotiations, Personal, Family and Inheritance matters usually involve the most important aspects of anyone’s life: children, affections, the family home, the family, relationships and assets.

Hence the importance of having professionals with solid theoretical and procedural knowledge, but also with a special sensitivity; lawyers who accompany people in such personal and delicate matters.

As experts we cannot and should not guarantee results, but we can define strategies by foreseeing possible scenarios, assessing as many risks as possible, providing the people we work with with the necessary information so that their decision-making process is the best, taking into account the circumstances.

As experienced specialists, we understand the conflicts, consequences and needs arising from break-ups; because even between people who are on good terms, the emotional factor is always present in Personal, Family and Inheritance matters.

As professionals and specialists in this discipline, our main objective is always to look after the interests of children, families and individuals as a whole.

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