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Many years ago LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM started offering legal services that were specifically adapted to each economic sector, and our professionals specialize in the legal areas of the most important sectors in our economy. These are our main areas of specialization:

  • Renewable Energies
  • Environment
  • Natural Resources

Banking-Insurance mediation agreements


Attorney presence in legal proceedings against the General Insurance Directorate

Bankruptcy advice

Civil liability

Debt recovery

High-risk policies

Purchase of insurance companies


Day-to-day legal advice

Defense in lawsuits

Over a decade ago we decided to leave behind the borders where we first started in order to support our clients with their international business plans. We have helped many Spanish companies expand their activities into foreign markets as well as assisting many foreign companies to establish themselves in Spain.

Construction agent liability

Design, construction, architecture and project contracts

Environmental planning


Flats and condominiums

Joint ventures


Legal proceedings and arbitration

Promotion and technical construction contract

  • Legal advice in the negotiation, drafting and formalisation of contracts and the calculation of leasing of premises.
  • Regular representation of the client in legal and arbitration proceedings against tenants of premises located in shopping centres owned by the client or real estate funds of which the client is the manager.
  • Advising the client in legal proceedings related to the acquisition of shopping centres.
  • Representing the client in contentious administrative proceedings.


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