Administrative Law

Public Law and Public Administration for Business

Areas of Expertise

Bidding processes
Drafting rules and regulations
Government aid and subsidies
Legal assistance in the administrative courts
Regulated sectors
Sanctions proceedings

International Team

Our local coordinators work as a team on the issues that pertain to this area of ​​practice with the allied, associated or correspondent firm in their jurisdiction. This firm has specialists in this area of ​​practice who work in English, as well as in their local languages.

Administrative Law

In LUPICINIO we know and understand the legal workings of the Administration. Our Public Law advice for public and private companies allows them to minimize the risk that public authorities may impose possible regulations or sanctions against them.

We appear before the Public Administration in order to provide our clients with a full understanding of the regulated activities as well as to demand possible liabilities.

Area Manager

Marina Paradela

Marina Paradela

Directora de Energía y Minería
Irene Sánchez del Río Moreta

Irene Sánchez del Río Moreta

Of counsel de aviación del CLUSTER LUPICINIO