As a follow-up to the newsletter issued on 23rd September 2019, the following developments have arisen, this time in the seat of sanctions imposed by the U.S.:

On November 7th 2019, OFAC updated the List of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN List), including the following individuals:

Three officials of the Nicaraguan Government have been added: Ramón Antonio Avellan Medal; Lumberto Ignacio Campbell Hooker and Roberto José López Gómez, the director of societies that “have carried out human rights abuses, electoral fraud and corruption”.


Pursuant to Executive Order 13851, the properties of  these individuals and any property owned, directly or indirectly, at 50% or more by such individuals, which are in the United States or controlled or owned by US persons are blocked and must be reported to OFAC.

The personal files of individuals, according to OFAC, are as follows:


AVELLAN MEDAL, Ramón Antonio, Bello Horizonte 6TA Stage Nl 4, Managua, Nicaragua; date of birth: November 11, 1954; place of birth: Jinotepe, Nicaragua; Nationality: Nicaraguan; Gender: Male; Passport No. A0008696 (Nicaragua) issued on October 17, 2011, expires October 17, 2021; ID No. 0411111540000Q (Nicaragua) (individual) [NICARAGUA] [NICARAGUA-NHRAA].

He is Deputy Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua (PNN), an entity that has committed acts of violence and abuse of human rights on people related to the protests that began on 18th April 2018.

He carried out repressive measures, arbitrary detentions and disappearances of demonstrators. He led “Operation Cleanup”. Under his command, the NPP was responsible for deaths of 107 people.


CAMPBELL HOOKER, Lumberto Ignacio, Entrada Principal Los Robles, 1 Abajo 1 Al Sur Casa 23, Managua, Nicaragua; Date of birth: 3rd February 1949; POB Raas, Nicaragua; Nationality: Nicaraguan; Gender: Male; Passport A00001109 (Nicaragua) issued 13 November 2015, expires 13 November 2025; ID No. 6010302490003J (Nicaragua) (individual) [NICARAGUA].

He has been the acting President of the Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua (CSE) since 2018. The CSE continues to be involved in ensuring that President Ortega wins the elections.


KOUFFA, Amadou (a.k.a. KOUFFA, Hamadou; a.k.a. KOUFFA, Hamadoun; a.k.a. “BARRY, Amadou”), Mali; Date of birth: 1958; Place of birth: Mali; Nationality: Malian; Gender: Male (individual) [SDGT] (linked to: JAMA’AT NUSRAT AL-ISLAM WAL-MUSLIMIN)”.


LOPEZ GOMEZ, Roberto Jose, Casa nº 1341, Managua, Managua, Nicaragua; Date of birth: 22 April 1963; Place of birth: Madrid, Spain; Nationality: Nicaraguan; Male Gender; ID No. 8882204630000A (Nicaragua) (individual) [NICARAGUA].

He is the Director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security (INSS). This entity has carried out transactions and operations that are part of deceptive practices of the Government of Nicaragua, such as the misappropriation of public goods, expropriation of private goods, award of government contracts and bribery”.

Madrid, 13th November 2019

Department of International Commerce and Sanctions