In the context of recent interviews in several Spanish publications on the key aspects of the crisis between the Spanish and Algerian governments, following the recent decision by Algiers to suspend the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighbourliness and Cooperation with Spain, we would like to congratulate Javier Jiménez-Ugarte, Ambassador of Spain and current Counsel at Lupicinio International Law Firm on matters of Mediation and Arbitration, for his interesting reflections based on his diplomatic experience and having been ambassador to Algeria and consul in several Moroccan cities.

The interviews can be found by clicking on the following links [SPANISH ONLY]:

RTVE-La hora de la 1-14/06/2022 (From 21:39 min.)

Cope-Trece TV-El Cascabel-13/06/2022 (From 1:28 min.)

Cuatro-En boca de todos-13/06/2022

Antena3-Espejo Público-13/06/2022

20 Minutos-Internacional-12/06/2022




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