Lupicinio International and its Partner Ángel valdés, members of the Antitrust Alliance, highlighted by Chambers Global


Antitrust Alliance Chambers Global

The British legal directory Chambers & Partners has ranked the Antitrust Alliance a as the leading alliance of law firms specialized in Competition Law in Europe, thus consolidating its prestige in this area. The Antitrust Alliance, of which Lupicinio International is the only Spanish member, is made up of 16 European law firms specialized in Competition Law.

The Competition Law team of Lupicinio International Law Firm, directed by Ángel Valdés, is also recognized with this distinction, as the only Spanish member of the Antitrust Alliance.

Chambers highlights the Alliance strategic position in the European legal landscape when designing regulatory compliance strategies that are cross-border: “Its members assist clients seamlessly across jurisdictions with international dawn raids, competition authority investigations, merger control, cartel investigations and compliance programmes.”

The Alliance has emphasized the role of competition law for business success. “the collaboration between national authorities, especially among the European Union, is growing in a global landscape of more and more frequent joint investigations. As consequence, companies are increasing their needs for strategic and multijurisdictional advice. The Antitrust Alliance offers all this with a single point of contact.”

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