India is a very lucrative country for all kinds of business, be it imports, exports, investments, expanding supply trade.


As in the rest of the countries where we operate under the principles of Global Efficiency, in India we maintain this working method. We have an expert local team to offer the highest quality of service.

India is a very lucrative country for all types of business, be it imports and exports, investments, expansion of supply chains or as a consumer market. It is one of the most popular destinations for global business.

In addition to its large size, India has the largest youth population in the world, with 65% of the population expected to be under the age of 35 in the second half of this decade. India’s industrial growth has led it to become a world leader and a key source of expertise in the areas of pharmaceuticals, information technology and telecommunications. In addition, due to population growth and the development of the middle class, service industries are beginning to flourish.

We have recently entered into a strong alliance with Lex Terrae, a prestigious law firm based in Delhi. Lex Terrae shares our values of global efficiency and joins the Lupicinio Cluster as experts in Consumer Protection, Contract Law, Corporate Law and Foreign Investment.

The Indian legal sector is highly regulated and governed by a complex regime of overlapping laws, where the Bar Council of India along with other bodies have created an artificial barrier against foreign law firms in India. However, through our association with Lex Terrae we will be able to cater to all our clients’ needs in this jurisdiction with effective and responsive global coordination.

Lex Terrae is a boutique law firm. They represent individual and corporate clients in a wide range of matters, and their experienced lawyers have worked on a number of transactions facilitating business, both locally and internationally. They are able to bring the experience of large law firms with the responsiveness and focus of a boutique law firm.

In line with Lupicinio, their mission is to achieve high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ complex business and legal problems. With the partnership between Lupicinio International Law Firm and Lex Terrae we can ensure the best outcome and resolution for your business.