Asia is characterized by both its vast dimensions and the range of cultures it unites. It is the largest and most highly populated continent on Earth. It is home to 61% of the world’s population and made up of 48 countries, some of which have experienced the beginnings of tremendous growth in recent years.

In terms of business, the region offers great economic opportunities and is now considered a vital area of influence in the emerging international community.

The most obvious strategic focus is China, with its large population and market, centred in the economic and political centres of Beijing and Shanghai. We are able to address the legal challenges that arise when investing in international jurisdictions. We believe that we can add value to the business venture that the client wants to develop in this region.

Asia is home to a number of jurisdictions that offer attractive tax incentives and investment opportunities for foreign investment. In this regard, countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan (known as the ‘Four Asian Tigers’), along with emerging growing nations, such as Thailand and Vietnam, have established themselves as attractive international markets in which to do business.

As mentioned, these countries offer a wealth of opportunities, but there are huge cultural, business and legal differences between Asia and Western nations that must be taken into account if they are to succeed.

At Lupicinio International Law Firm, we have developed a practice based on our experience in complex jurisdictions, to support our clients during the establishment and development of their activities abroad. In order to provide greater comfort, our firm has collaboration agreements with different local firms in most Asian countries, including our alliance with Lifang & Partners in China and South Korea.

Our new partner in the region, Lifang & Partners, is a law firm that offers a wide range of legal services, handling clients in both China and South Korea where they have their own offices.

Lifang & Partners specialise in providing strategic and comprehensive legal solutions to clients facing complex legal and commercial issues in their jurisdictions.

Their practice is focused on, among other things, the following areas of specialisation: Intellectual Property, litigation, competition and regulatory compliance, and corporate commercial law, as well as capital markets and M&A.

From their offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Seoul, Lifang & Partners are able to align with our principles, values, methodology and strategy of multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary teams, with which we can offer our clients a service with extensive local knowledge and LILF management standards.

In multi-jurisdictional operations, LILF – through one of its partners – will lead the Lifang & Partners team in the transactions led from Spain. On the other hand, operations led from China will be led and coordinated by a Lifang & Partners partner.

As in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, we act on the basis of excellence and not on brand or name criteria. If it is a field outside the expertise of LILF or Lifang & Partners, we will always jointly and meticulously assess and plan our services to meet the client’s expectations and satisfy their needs in the most efficient and successful way.

We want the client to be able to entrust the coordination of tasks, at a sustainable and efficient cost under one-stop-shop basis (not to be confused with one-stop-one-brand) with the firms that are necessary and best suited (cost efficiency) to their requirements.