Europe is a natural destination for Spanish companies, while the main investors in Spain come from neighboring countries such as France, the UK, or Italy. Additionally, since Spain joined the European Union Brussels has become a strategic location for legal matters, given its location as the headquarters of the European Commission which produces legislation and regulations for Europe.

The General Court of Justice of the European Union, the highest court in the EU, has its seat in Luxembourg. It is responsible for controlling the legality of acts of EU institutions, ensuring that Member States comply with the obligations established in the Treaties, and interpreting EU Law at the request of national judges.

The headquarters of the European Court of Human Rights is found in Strasbourg. Established in 1959, the ECHR is an international court which can hear individual or state claims of violations of the civil and political rights set down in the European Convention on Human Rights. The Court has been operating on a permanent basis since 1998, and individuals can direct complaints to it directly.

London is, without a doubt, the financial centre of Europe and arguably the world. All major banks and financial institutions can be found in the “City” in the heart of London, and it is there where the most significant and complex financial transactions take place.

Being aware of the above and in order to attend to the needs of our clients, LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM created close links to all of these cities: Brussels, London, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Additionally, we have alliances with firms linked to the EU capitals, Lisbon, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.