Caspian Region

The Caspian Region, found between Europe and Asia, takes its name from the huge lake that borders the countries of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. With the exception of Iran, these countries have a short history, only being founded in 1992.

The region has significant oil and gas reserves, many of them as yet unexploited, which have given these countries huge geostrategic and economic importance. These countries have incredible prospects for growth and present significant opportunities for investment in infrastructure, hospitals, logistics, transport, education etc.

Additionally, the region imports significant amounts of European products and services.

We advise reading this report on the region by the US government in order to learn more about investment opportunities there. This EU report is also highly informative.

The Spanish Export and Investment Agency ICEX has produced a series of reports with key information about the following countries: IranAzerbaijanKazakhstan.