Basics of the Islamic financial system

Islamic finance, just like politics and daily life, try to follow the rules written in the Qur’an (governed by the Sharia, or the code of conduct for Islamic life) as faithfully as possible. For the Muslim world this financial model assumes a more ethical form, as it is an integral part of a way of […]

And Obama will wear a guayabera

There is a legend in modern Cuba that says hostilities with the United States shall be brought to a close with a formal ceremony when the US President dresses in a guayabera, a typical Cuban shirt, and signs a declaration of the end to the historic economic and financial embargo that has been harming Cuba […]

Different approaches to the same dismissal: The USA vs. Spain

Given the task of analyzing the regulatory framework of contractual terminations in the United States, we find that, in contrast to the European Union, and particularly in Spain, Companies barely have any restrictions on the termination of contractual relations with their employees, which can even be described as free dismissal. In this regard, it is […]