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Africa and Maghreb

International Lawyers Africa and Maghreb

In Africa, whose high economic growth is easily noticeable, we have alliances in the North and South of the continent. More specifically in Algeria, a strategic country in the Maghreb Region and in Zimbabwe, southern Africa. Both countries stand out for their innovative economic growth due to their natural resources, offering excellent investment opportunities in infrastructure. In addition, in both countries foreign investment laws are highly respected. For example, Zimbabwe has set in motion a democratic institutional framework that facilitates these types of investments.


Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Africa that has a democratic and presidential system. Zimbabwe is a country full of mineral resources, endowed with a powerful agricultural economy and is favored by a growing tourism. In this country we have established a BFA (Best Friendship Agreement) with the oldest law office in the country. The office is located in Harare, the capital and the most populated city of Zimbabwe.

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