Lupicinio International Law Firm covers various areas of the law:

  • Comprehensive advice on sectoral regulations and the contract of carriage
  • Managing liability arising from accidents and incidents
  • Contracts, registration and registration of aircrafts
  • Advising on aviation insurance and aviation claims
  • Policy analysis
  • Domestic and large risks
  • International recovery

Asset finance operations and services
Financing guarantees
Fiscal restructuring of financing operations
Following-up on financing operations
Negotiating novations or waivers
Pledging credit rights
Project finance operations
Registration of ownership and transfer of credit rights

Due diligence
Guarantees over shares and other negotiable instruments
Hedge Funds
Investment funds and companies
Issuing debt
Support and assistance in proceedings before the regulatory entities

Advice in private equity investments and divestments
Drafting and negotiating contracts
Due diligence
Employee stock option plans
Foreclosures and other enforceable actions
Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings
LBOs and MBOs
Legal proceedings for recovery
Negotiation of price adjustment mechanisms (ratchets)
Pre-bankruptcy negotiations
Preferential rights
Pre-litigation claims and negotiations
Private equity

Defense in tax cases
Defense in tax inspection proceedings
Preventative and ongoing tax advice for internal operations
Preventative and ongoing tax advice for international operations
Repayment of interest
Tax analysis of restructuring operations
Tax claims and appeals
Tax declarations
Tax due diligence
Tax planning

Advice on litigation strategy.
Attendance and support at meetings.
Comprehensive answers to all kinds of legal consultations.
Comprehensive coordination of the whole refinancing operation.
Drafting all documentation to formalize refinancing operations.
Issuing binding opinions.
Support during the financing process.

Drafting and negotiating financing contracts
Drafting and negotiating guarantees
Legal structure of the Project
Tax structuring

Control of mergers
Legal audits and “dawn raid” inspection simulations
Ongoing legal advice in the area of competition law
Policies and codes of conduct
Proceedings before the competition authorities
Seminars and training courses

Corporate offenses: Concealment of assets and bankruptcy fraud
Crimes against land planning and the environment
Crimes against the Public Treasury, the Department of Social Security, and the Public Administration
Crimes against workers’ rights
Illegal misappropriations in banking and securities markets

Bidding processes
Drafting rules and regulations
Government aid and subsidies
Legal assistance in the administrative courts
Regulated sectors
Sanctions proceedings

Advice in actions against the TSJ and TS
Attorney presence before the social and administrative courts
Employment audits
Employment mediation
Individual termination for objective or disciplinary reasons
Layoffs and individual termination agreements

Advice on employee selection processes
Advice on the development of work procedures
Creation of a regulatory compliance department
In-company training
Interim compliance management
Regulatory compliance and expert report auditing
Technological advice

Advice on Spanish Data Protection Agency inspections
Contract modification to comply with data protection regulations
Data protection audits
Drawing up internal rules of conduct and companies’ privacy policies
Drawing up security documents
Implementation of data protection systems
Implementation of security protocols
International data transfers
Training on data protection issues

Advice on waste management and the treatment of harmful, dangerous and unsanitary substances
Criminal, administrative and civil liability in environmental issues
Drafting environmental impact reports
Drawing up legal texts
Environmental audits
Local environmental impact evaluations
Use and utility of public waters

Actions for annulment and revision of arbitral awards
Actions for breach of contract
Advice in national and international arbitration
Appearing as arbitrators in the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid
Applications for interim measures
Class action lawsuits
Defective product claims
Enforcement of domestic and international arbitral awards
Intellectual and industrial property disputes
Interim measures in arbitration proceedings
Investment protection arbitration
Lawsuits “piercing the corporate veil”
Management liability claims
Unfair competition claims

High Tech & Telecommunications
Videogames, Apps & Social Networks

Art collection
Defamation & Privacy
Film, TV, Music, Radio & Digital Media
Sports & Leisure
Submarine cables

Amending measures
Annulment of marriages
Determining competence
Dispute resolution
Divorce settlements
Divorces and separations
Enforcing and challenging marital affiliation, paternity and maternity
Guardianship and custody of minors
Pre-nuptial agreements

Purchase and sale
General conditions of purchase and sale
Consignment stock


Many years ago LUPICINIO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM started offering legal services that were specifically adapted to each economic sector, and our professionals specialize in the legal areas of the most important sectors in our economy. These are our main areas of specialization:

Day-to-day legal advice
Defense in lawsuits

Banking-Insurance mediation agreements
Attorney presence in legal proceedings against the General Insurance Directorate
Bankruptcy advice
Civil liability
Debt recovery
High-risk policies
Purchase of insurance companies
Regulatory subscriptions

Construction agent liability
Design, construction, architecture and project contracts
Environmental planning
Flats and condominiums
Joint ventures
Legal proceedings and arbitration
Promotion and technical construction contracts
Purchase and sale of real estate and land
Real estate due diligence
Real estate swaps
Real estate tax law
Regulatory considerations
Risk management
Sale and leaseback operations

Business concentration operations
Company acquisition
Contracts for third party access to energy networks, connection points and buying / selling energy
Joint venture formation
Judicial proceedings and international arbitration
Minority shareholder operations
Project development
Project finance
Renewable energies
Taxes and regulatory matters