2022-04-19 Noticias

Under its usual methodology, Lupicinio International Law Firm has reinforced its International Sanctions Cluster with the joining of Marc Beaumont, prestigious British Barrister.

Regarding this incorporation, the managing partner of Lupicinio International Law Firm, Lupicinio Rodríguez Jiménez has stated: “our “Double Hat” methodology allows the professionals integrated in Cluster Lupicinio to maintain their own projects, their brand and their clients – the great incentives of innovation, wisdom and effort -, and at the same time forge under the Lupicinio brand and its functional teams trained for each project with the best specialists, a global efficiency at the service of the clients, and vice versa. Today’s world is a complex network of connections and interdependencies.

The costs of large, fixed structures have become unaffordable and the leaderships of traditional hierarchical structures are not very adaptive. It is not about networks or mega-firms. It is about flexible and adaptive leadership cultures without metropolis. The large multi-jurisdictional teams that Lupicinio builds are based on a culture of discipline, flexible schedules and a constant balance between conventional planning and adaptive leadership, Legal Project Management tools and service automation.

As for international sanctions, these are matters that affect fundamental rights, investment protection treaties, and international trade and investment, and should therefore be dictated with the utmost legal rigour and with a focus on guaranteeing fundamental rights and the general wellbeing of the planet.

Paradoxically, they are a messy swarm of political precepts and mandates.

Defending those affected and preventing predictable risks to business requires quality wisdom. Experience shows us that exceptional wisdom and stellar legal innovations abound among Barristers (and academics). Hence our collaboration with Marc Beaumont.



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