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Sergio Antonio Muñoz Pérez
Sergio Antonio Muñoz Pérez
Sergio Antonio Muñoz Pérez

Media & Entertainment

The evolution of the information age and the speed of technological advances have resulted in significant changes to the management, financing and competitiveness of the cultural, creative, educational, sports, entertainment and communications industries.

These improvements have also created, in addition to new rules of social conduct, new disputes that necessitate an accurate legal approach.

At LUPICINIO we have experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in these industries who are capable of providing integrated legal advice to both strategic companies in this sector but also to individual communications experts, authors, artists, collectors, athletes, celebrities and private individuals.

Our profile as legal advisors can allow us to empower our clients, implementing positive changes to avoid future disputes.

The Team

International Team

Our local coordinators work as a team on the issues that pertain to this area of ​​practice with the allied, associated or correspondent firm in their jurisdiction. This firm has specialists in this area of ​​practice who work in English, as well as in their local languages.