Sergio Antonio Muñoz Pérez

Sergio Antonio Muñoz Pérez
Lupicinio ILF
Of Counsel

Sergio has developed his professional career in the legal and technological fields, forming part of multinational companies and multidisciplinary teams. He has acted as a legal consultant for the development and implementation of information systems for the Basque justice system, as well as in the development and implementation of the information system for lawyers and attorneys in the Basque regions, expanding on reports about implementing legislation.

As part of the legal consultancy team for Ibermática, a global IT service company with more than 3000 employees throughout 10 countries, he participated in the drafting, revision and negotiation of all forms of national and international contracts  (including services, intellectual property, outsourcing, hosting, LOPD, sub-contracts, NDA, Memorandum of Understanding, Collaboration agreements, UTEs, etc.), on matters regarding public contracts (tenders, UTE, administrative resources, special contractual resources...), and advising the company directors on the daily management of the firm.

Merits and awards

Degree in Law from the University of Alcalá.

Course in Practicing Law  at ICADE.

Masters in Corporate Law from the University of the Basque Country.

English & Spanish