Jose Luis Iriarte

José Luis Iriarte
Lupicinio ILF
Of Counsel

José Luis is currently a Professor of Private International Law at the University of Navarra (1997), where he was Deputy Head of European Convergence and Institutional Relations (2003-2007). He has given several courses and conferences in International Law, as well as in Spanish institutions and Universities in Cuba, Chile, Moldova, Colombia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Brazil, the USA, Ecuador, France, Venezuela, Andorra and Italy. His research has materialized in several books, including two monographs. His contributions in the form of various comments on different legal texts – one of them on the Civil Code, a collaboration with the judges of the 1st Chamber of the Supreme Court -, are particularly noteworthy, as are his dozens of articles. José Luis has produced several reports and opinion pieces for public and private entities in specialist areas: international contracts on energy and insurance issues, public advocacy on coercive measures, and the implementation of foreign rulings to name a few.

Merits and awards

He is the scientific editor of three books. He is also the co-author of an assimilation of legal texts on Private International Law.


José Luis obtained both his Law and Business Economics degrees from the University of Deusto. He is a Doctor of International Private Law (Autonomous University of Madrid, 1984), and graduated with a distinction cum laude.

Spanish, English and French.