Mining Algeria: Guide for the granting of mining permits

Mining Law No. 01-10, of July 3, 2001, was repealed and replaced by Law No. 14-05, of February 24, 2014. However, in the latter it is specified that the texts approved under Mining Law No. 01-10 will continue to apply until the promulgation of the texts of application of the new law. Thus, the old […]

Cuba: First international offshore bidding round 2019

Amid the turbulences over the full enforcement of the Helms-Burton Act triggered by the US Government, Cuba is going ahead with its first Licensing Round for Offshore Blocks in the Cuban Economic Exclusive Zone of Gulf of Mexico as planned and adjusted to schedule. Up to now, many companies have showed interest, aware that offshore investments are […]

Foreign investment law of the United Arab Emirates

100% Foreign Ownership For 13 Sectors in the UAE Following the enactment of the UAE Federal Law No. 19 of 2018 on Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI LAW”), the UAE Cabinet has announced the positive list of activities covered by and benefiting from Article 7-3 of the FDI Law. The UAE cabinet has approved 122 economic […]

International Sanctions: US sanctions have a limited effect

  Lupicinio International Law Firm and the Institute of Compliance Officers have organized this Friday, June 28, the webinar “Regulatory compliance in international sanctions“, which has highlighted the dynamism of the sanctions, which is an added risk to the process of internationalization and an obligation of compliance on the part of the companies. In this […]

Modifications to the working day: Royal Decree-Law 6/2019

    Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of March 1, on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in employment and occupation, published in the Official Gazette of March 7 and in effect from on March 8, it contains 7 articles that correspond to the modification of 7 laws that undoubtedly have […]