Buying Property in Dubai: A Fully Guaranteed Legal Framework

The solid legislative structure of the Real Estate market has transformed the Emirate into one of the most attractive investment locations in the world Over the last few years, the Middle Eastern economy has been undergoing important changes as a consequence of the political instability arising from the popular revolts known as the “Arab spring” […]

New Advances in Foreign Investments

NOTICE ON THE RULING (EU) No. 912/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of the 23rd of July 2014, which lays out a framework for the management of financial responsibility relating to the Courts that settle disputes between investors and States, established by international agreements to which European Union is a party (entry into force […]

Golden Parachutes for Senior Executives in Times of Crisis

The existence of redundancy payment clauses known in Anglo-Saxon Law as “golden parachutes” stems from the wide margin accorded by regulatory standards of the contract of Senior Management regarding the wishes of the parties involved, as is apparent in the nature of the Royal Decree 1382/1985 of the 1st of August, on the regulation of […]

Elections for the Future of Administrative Concessions

The recently announced waiver of Castor’s concessionary authorization to explode underground stocks of natural gas brings various matters of importance to the table, with regards to legal regulations on concessions, the responsibility of the State to create concessions without sufficiently evaluating the technical (and economic) risks associated with them, the processes of negotiation between the […]

Historical and Legal Precisions on the Current Situation in Crimea

Over the last few days there has been so much news about Ukraine in general and particularly on the Crimean peninsula, whose Parliament passed the incorporation of Russia last Thursday; a decision that will be ratified by a referendum to be held on the 16th. Prior to these events there has been an abundance of […]

Cuba prepares for the unification of its currency

The measure seeks to eliminate distortions in the State economy and reinforce the stability of foreign investments in the country. The process of monetary and exchange unification in Cuba announced by the Cuban government in January 2014 and which this very week has been described by the journal Granma as “a decision that could not […]

The ICAM Elections: Direct, Personal, Secret…and Free!

The upstanding dismissal of the appeal filed by the ex-Dean of the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Madrid (ICAM) against two agreements of the Electoral Commission of the ICAM which validate the candidacy and subsequent announcement of Sonia Gumpert as Dean denotes, within the theory and practice of electoral law, a triple victory: that of […]

Cassation Appeal

On Wednesday the 10th of April 2013, the Secretary of State for the European Union, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, accompanied by Mr. Ignacio Samper, director for Spain in the European Parliament and Mr. Francisco Fonseca, director of the Commission in Spain, presented the work led by José Eugenio Soriano, Of Counsel of the law firm […]

The EU Sanctions on Russia are Inconsistent

On the 17th March, Brussels adopted two measures: the Decision 2014/145/PESC relating to restrictive measures with respect to the actions that undermined or threatened the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine; and the Regulation (EU) 269/2014, of the Council, which serves under the same title. Through these provisions, the European authority has decided that […]