The position of Chinese investors

On the 24th of January 2012, Venezuela reported its withdrawal from the Washington Conventionof 18 March 1965 on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States. The withdrawal took effect from the 24th of July 2012. Thus, Venezuela abandoned what was named ICSID arbitration, through which conflicts that might surge between […]

Legal Treatment of Political Think Tanks and the Lack of Regulation on Lobbying in Spain

1. Spanish think tanks: the current state of affairs Far from the influence that think tanks have had in other territories, particularly in Washington and Brussels, these ‘idea laboratories’ in Spain are still faced with the short and medium-term objective of consolidating themselves above all as facilitators of public debate to then disclose its contributions […]

The Current Situation on Cuban Property Development Associated with Golf Courses

Between business opportunities, the Cuban Ministry of Tourism is developing growth in touristic areas of residential, hotel and golfing complexes, sometimes in coastal regions. As it currently stands, there are twelve known projects which already boast designated partners. By 2019, it is intended for joint ventures to be built from which there will be a […]

The EU Increases Sanctions on Russia for “Destabilizing” Ukraine

The new sanctions imposed by the EU upon Russia for its supposed involvement in the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, yet which do not include the harsher terms advocated by some Governments, fall once again on the same sectors already affected by the restrictive measures from last July: dual-purpose products and technologies, technology for […]

European Union sanctions on Russia

The packet of sanctions imposed upon the Russian Federation by the EU will present an attempt to stifle the financial capacity of Russian public businesses. Those suffering the hardest blows will be the Russian citizens, who will see how the State reduces its financial capacity at the same time that the gas companies lose resources […]

Landing in the United Arab Emirates

The experiences of Lupicinio International Law Firm, after three years of practice in the region. Like any new corporate venture starting up in a foreign country, and even more so keeping in mind the particularities of legal business, our arrival in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) led us to encounter various obstacles which could be […]

On the futility of the economic sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine

On the 31st of July, the European Union, by way of the Decision 2014/5127PESC and the Ruling (EU) 83372014, imposed a series of economic sanctions upon Russia motivated by its alleged role in the destabilization of Ukraine. It has also been announced that they may be the prelude to further, even harsher restrictions, and the […]